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probablityProbability Theory (first steps)by E.S.Wentzel

Mir Publishers- Moscow USSR

The author of this booklet describes in popular language how probability theory was developed and found wide application in all fields of modern science. This book can be considered as an introduction towards a more thorough study of probability theory and is intended for a wide circle of readers.


Probability Theory and Its Problems

Probability and Frequency

Basic Rules of Probability Theory

Random Variables


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Tarasov and Tarasova – Magnet Links.

Mir publisher is probably the best publishers in the world. Unfortunately the books are rare now. So, here is the link to one of the famous  books by tarasova of mir publisher moscow.

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Central Government is biggest enemy of our Country, Religion, Culture and Humanity…. 19 May 2012, (Hissar, Haryana) The present central government is bent upon destroying all of our high values, ideals and traditions related to personnel life, national sovereignty and self respect. Bent upon destroying all values, ideals and symbols related to national honor and self respect. They are attacking individual’s life with Vicious cycle of addiction and lust, so that no person can live with dignity and self respect and keep his head high. They are bent upon destroying Indian family system, supposed to be ideal in whole world, by legalizing immoral acts like homo sexuality and live in relationship in family. They are bent upon destroying social harmony by injecting the poison of dividing the society based on cast-ism and religion. No stone was left unturned to destroy traditional of religion, culture , spirituality and vedic knowledge. Germany is doing research on Vedas and trying to save the heritage of Rishis by opening the department of Charakology, based on medical science founded by Maharshi Charak. On the other hand , this government has no desire to work on Yog, Ayurveda and Vedic knowledge. The government is determined to destroy the big movement of Yog, Ayurveda and Vedic knowledge running under guidance of Patanjali Yog Peeth. All of our symbols of respect like Cow, Ganga, Gayatri are being destroyed under a conspiracy. Our millions of years old culture is being fatally attacked by labeling Bhagwan Ram, Bhagwan Krishna and Bhagwan Shiva as imaginary. Ramayan and Mahabharat are being considered imaginary novels instead of our history. This sin is continuing from first prime minister to present government. The contribution of more than 7 lac freedon fighters is denied who gave their life for the freedom of the country. Forget about honoring them , their contribution is denied at every instance and for years the freedom fighters were shown as terrorists in school books. For about 50 years after independence, the freedom fighters were taught as terrorists, the Aryans as of foreign origin and cow meat eaters. The walls of hate were erected between Aryans and Dravids. Bharat has been best country since the beginning of the creation. All the philosophers and intellectuals of the world have acknowledged that if there is a best land in the world, it’s Bharat, a heaven on earth. This was labeled as the country of darkness, poors and snake charmers. Even today, the corrupts damage the reputation of country everyday. The whole world used to follow and learn from ideal behavior of Bhartiyas. Never in the history, the honor and respect of the country was as much damaged, as by this present government. So does this government has any right to rule over 121 crore patriotic bhartiyas? This government is bent upon destroying all symbols of respect, honor and swadeshi related to Bhartiya languages, Bhartiya dress, food, prayors, culture, civilization, games etc.

I am a regular reader of news dailies. But today when I read the headline. It was interesting “KEJRIWAL IS AGENT OF CIA: AJAM KHAN”. The heading was so interesting to take my attention . After reading some portion i came to know that ,there is any politician form Utter Pradesh named Ajam khan who said that “As foundation of kejriwal has got some kind of funding from an agency who had also worked for CIA(the prime intelligence agency of usa)so as he had became an agent of cia”.After inquiring on internet, i knew that the leader belongs to SP party which is a regional party and have nothing to do in coalition of congress(UPA).And as far as my knowledge is concerned”congessmen use to say such about the social leaders of Annaji’s core group. I think that he himself proved that he is an agent of congess.

Sorry Mr. ajam , can I use your words to say something about you” As ajam is a leader of muslims and use to take part in gathering of Islamic organisation (sorry, for not knowing the name). The same who were having relation with islamic community of pakistan. Hence it is proved that “ajam khan is an agent of ISI “.

The paragraph might seem funny to you’ll as the words of ajam khan seemed to me. Even I think that persons like ajam are not supposed to be in politics who don’t have their own stand. How can you say such about kejriwal on whom we indians belives so much.And don’t ajam know that kejriwal ji is doing good for the future of india. Whom some corrupted politicians wanna to dismantle.

So, doesn’t this makes us easy to understand that ajam is also corrupt. And we must not listen to such people.

trouble for corrupt sonia

For a week I was out of my home. New Delhi including India which drowned in celebrations. The festival is revolt of Anna against corruption. The politicians of India are now in big trouble and they deserves to be fucked especially wicked lady sonia gandhi. they have to pay for whatever they had done wrong with us. these guys manmohan and sonia were leading us in dark and uncertainty . they are real traitors of our country whom anna is going to teach lessons .

good luck anna and kejriwal

16th august 2011 is going to become a shameful moment of history for Indians. As we all know that Anna is fighting against corruption and need our support in this battle . Congress leadership is not behaving well with Anna and needs to be taught lessons of fundamental rights in our constitution . And we are going to teach them.

We have to act against this ruthless leadership and peacefully everywhere on streets, on cyberspace. Sonia gandhi can’t do what his dirty leadership is doing in italy. She must understand out constitution.